What is the Pride Polyphony? The Pride Polyphony is a collection of audio messages expressing support and solidarity, from and to the LGBTQ community worldwide.

How did the project start? The project grew out of the Digital Pride Hackathon in May 2020, created by (full names?). As 2020 saw widespread lockdowns and the cancellation of Pride celebrations in many cities, we wanted to create an online space where the voices that didn’t get to speak/sing/shout this Pride season could be heard.

Who is the Pride Polyphony for? The Pride Polyphony is for all LGBTQQIP2SAA people and allies who would like to listen to messages of solidarity and share messages of support, or tell others about their experiences.

Can I submit a voice message? Yes! We’d love to hear your audio messages. Everyone LGBTQ is welcome to submit, and we’re also open to messages of support from allies.

The form for submissions is here: If you have any questions, email us at

**Who created the Pride Polyphony? ** We started as a group of three LGBTQ people who came up with the idea and brought it to life as part of the Digital Pride Hackathon: (names and info).

How can I support the Pride Polyphony? We appreciate all donations that help us keep the site running and continue to share people’s voices!

You can contribute with by clicking on this quick button:

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This project is a non-commercial, community space. The contributions that you make would go to:

There are so many ways you can help LGBTQ communities more generally, depending on your time, location and resources! Please consider making a donation to the amazing LGBTQ-friendly non-profits and charities below, working, campaigning or volunteering your time to improve the world for LGBTQ people - and more generally, support the LGBTQ people in your life.

List of organisations working to support LGBT+ people worldwide:

I’m part of an LGBTQ organisation, and I’d really like my organisation to be listed under the recommended organisations above. How do I arrange this? Hello and welcome! Send us an email at with a link to your organisation and information about the work that you do.

I submitted a voice recording, but I’d now like to take it down. Can you help me? Absolutely! Send an email to with the details of your recording, and we’ll take care of it.

I can’t or don’t want to make a voice recording, but I have a message I want to share. Can I still submit? Yes! You can fill in the form without an audio recording to share your message as text. You can also ask one of us to record your message for you - if you’d like to do this, just send us an email at

I have a question that wasn’t answered here. Can I contact you? Of course - just give us an email at