It’s hard. Feeling isolated. Feeling separated. Feeling alone. Feeling removed from your community, from those closest to you.

That community may be hard won, or it may have embraced you. It may have come with a side of negative messages about who you are, or it may have been paired with a warmer welcome.

We are all processing some sort of grief now. Perhaps it is for a world we knew, or for people we loved, or for freedom of movement, or the ability to express ourselves.

We are all grappling with some sort of uncertainty now. It may be about who to believe, or how to move forward, or about if anything will make sense again.

Regardless of where you are, you are not alone. We may all be apart for a little or long while, but none of us is alone. Whether we always like it or not, we are connected. We might not always know how to help you, but we love you. And we respect your truth.

Please stay hopeful, and be well.